Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title Insurance ?

Title Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you, the insured, from claims on the property in regard to ownership.  It protects you
against  problems that occurred before you became the owner of the property.  Title insurance also defends you in the case of anyone
filing a claim against your property.  Defending your property against a false claim can be costly and time consuming.  A one-time
premium safeguards your property from actual loss and defense  costs up to the policy amount resulting from any risk covered by
your policy.

What Types of Problems Does Title Insurance Protect Me From ?

Some of the most common hidden problems covered by title insurance include forged deeds, deeds from minors or incompetent
persons,     undisclosed heirs, mistakes in recording/ indexing legal documents, fraud, judgments, unpaid taxes, liens and other defects
that could affect  ownership rights to your property.

Are There Different Types of Title Insurance Policies ?

Yes.   There are two basic types of policies;  the first is an Owner’s Policy and the second is a Lender’s Policy.  The Owner’s
Policy protects the interest of the real estate owner, while the Lender’s Policy protects the interest of the lender or mortgagee.

When Does Title Insurance Expire ?

Never.  Your Owner’s Policy protects you and your heirs even after you no longer own the insured property.  A Lender’s Policy
terminates when the insured mortgage is satisfied.